Blue Water LED is a faith-based company, that doesn't hide what we believe in.  We keep The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit at the core of our business by always striving for excellence through faith.  God has brought us this far and we give him the glory, honor and praise for all we have accomplished.  Most people look at our logo and see the Blue Water LED fish.  Take a closer you see the crown of thorns?  Sure you do.  Our logo is yet another way to spread what we believe.

This reminds us of a story we will never forget that pinpoints a pivotal time in our company's history.  For years we have always kept a cross somewhere on our website to let people know what we stand for.  At this point in time we were growing exponentially and sought out some outside marketing help.  One of the first things that the consultant asked us to do was to remove the cross from our site.  They felt like we were alienating a large amount of customers by showing our christian values.  After much pondering and consternation we reluctantly agreed to remove the cross.  What do you think happened next?  For the next nine months, our business began to fail miserably and sales were no where to be found.  We began to think about what we were doing wrong?  Why weren't customers buying?  What were we doing differently?  We tried everything to get sales back on pace, with no luck what so ever. Then it hit us.  The change happened at the exact same time as when we removed the cross for the site.  We decided to put it back on and guess what happened?  You are correct...God brought our business back.  This experience taught us a very valuable lesson.  Stand up for what you believe and don't be ashamed of who you are.

We not only want to deliver the highest quality products and customer service to you, our customers, but we want to find a way to spread the word of God in all we do.  May God be a blessing to your life.

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